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    First-Time Homebuyers: Time to Consider Rent-to-Own?

    A rent-to-own home, or lease-purchase agreement, might seem like the perfect solution for the can’t-quite-get-there homebuyer. Maybe your credit needs a few touch-ups, or you don’t have a down payment in the bank yet. A lease-purchase agreement can get you in a home of your own while you sort out the buying details, right? Yes — but […]

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    Rent-To-Own Homes: How The Process Works

    In a typical home purchase, the sale takes place shortly after the offer has been accepted, and the transaction is completed at closing. Since most buyers don’t have the money to pay cash, a mortgage is usually used to finance the purchase: The buyer puts down a certain percentage of the purchase price (the down […]

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    Beware the Pitfalls of Rent-to-Own Homes

    Image Source: Quicken Loans You’re ready to buy a home, but there’s a problem – you can’t qualify for a mortgage loan. Maybe your credit score is low, or maybe you simply have too much debt and not enough income coming in each month. This doesn’t mean that owning a home is out of your […]

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    Rent to own homes: When it’s not time to buy

    Image Source: Just a few years ago, you hardly ever heard the term “rent to own” in a market where homeowners had multiple bids from which to choose. But now, it’s a different ballgame. Homeowners may be more willing to work out rent-to-own agreements, even with people who would be turned down for home […]